Comment: "Yeah, UFOs cannot be real because they disappear off radar."

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"Yeah, UFOs cannot be real because they disappear off radar."

Classic explanation from the 1950s even though the USAF was already working on stealth technology.

As for "sound" and "g force," perhaps you should consult the works of Thomas Townsend Brown and Dr. Paul A. Laviolette. I also recall visiting an Air Show in St. Louis in 1995 and a "stealth fighter" flew over at, perhaps, 500 feet over the crowd TOTALLY SILENT. No such claim is made for the "stealth fighter"; however, I know what I DID NOT hear.

The Sy Fy Series, "Fact or Faked" has probably done more to debunk UFOs than any other program I have ever watched. They attempted to recreate the conditions of the "Battle of Los Angeles" in 1942, including the famous LOS ANGELES TIMES photo. Not only were they unable to recreate the results using modern technology, they unintentionally debunked the official government explanation of "weather balloon". I posted this article because it appeared in the prestigious LONDON DAILY MAIL.