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Some answers:

1: I'm not aware that he really admitted that - at least haven't seen any credible evidence for that.

2: The track record for US foreign invention is awful anyway. Watch some videos on this book: Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq, by Stephen Kinzer - One example:

3: The War On Terror is a project designed not to end - it is a perpetual enemy. Here, Aaron Russo: to 5:55 - Iraq had WMD, you remember? Ie, a terrorist.

4: The thousand of people would be labeled conspiracy theorists and silenced. Media will control that - I promise.

5: Don't know why that was upvoted, but AH never wanted to conquer the whole world. Only Germany was in his interest. He didn't want the colonies back - but a union with Austria. Don't think he wanted a war with England. Don't understand anymore this notion that he wanted to conquer the whole world. Must have been something we learned in school.

This concentration camp part of the story is grossly exaggerated at best. All you have to do to change your perception of this event significantly, is to watch the video David Cole in Auschwitz and read the short PDF The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes, by Samuel Crowell. The history of Typhus is very very relevant.