Comment: America is Finished

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America is Finished

The Tyranny is destroying us Economically and it will be a short matter before Russia and China put on financial pressures against the dollar to collapse it. This might happen within a year.

What would collapse of the dollar mean? All those goods from china that now cost 5 dollars... would cost 100 dollars. Can you imagine going to buy your 20 dollar pair of jeans to see they now cost 300 dollars? Or a piece of brie cheese is now 150 dollars.

When I was in europe a piece of brie was one euro. Back home at a decent store that same piece was three dollars. Today that same piece is seven dollars. Reggiano parmesan was about five dollars for a small container full of it. Now its twelve dollars. All our imports are getting priced out of our reach. And that includes OIL which is four bucks a gallon a seemingly unheard of price.

At 5 bucks a gallon, a 20 gallon SUV tank will take 100 dollars to fill up. At about 15 miles to the gallon and a commute thats every week and a half or three times a month. That's 300 bucks just for gas each month. If the dollar collapses expect that to double. At 600 bucks a month for gas, much of the lower middle class wont be able to drive any longer. Not like before. Nor will they be able to commute to work. This will actually not simply be more expensive, but life changing.

What to do? It's time for Atlas to shrug. Withdraw from their financial system. Become a diaspora in other haven countries until sanity returns or the young-uns fight their revolution. Maybe someday when we are older we can come back. Withold our intellectual gifts from society. The movie Atlas Shrugged II is hitting theaters I highly recommend everyone to see it.