Comment: Voting Rule #1: Feel good about voting or don't vote at all.

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Voting Rule #1: Feel good about voting or don't vote at all.

Consider this:

If this system is so corrupt that some votes are not counted, then it does not matter what we do. Reasoned conclusion: Do what matters to you. Vote your conscious, and forget the rest.

Although seemingly well intentioned, posts like this are a double-edged sword. They wear you down and down, and they attempt to rationalize your voting for an alternative candidate, These posts attempt to comfort and guide you through your decision making process to show you that their way is the best alternative, the only logical alternative.

These posts are just like Agenda 21; the elite want us dead, but even better than killing us themselves, they want us to kill ourselves. They would like nothing more than to push us off of a cliff, but even better than that, they want us to willingly walk off of cliff because they guided us to the edge and told us that is no apparent alternative except to jump. If this post has comforted you and logically showed you that Gary Johnson is the best and only choice that matters, then vote for him.

If the system is corrupt enough to do what it has done to Ron Paul and get away with it without a peep, then voting really does not matter, except in the conscious of the individual. Think about how you will feel after election day by the way you voted. Did you vote for the best man even though your vote was not even counted (like our delegate's votes in Tampa) and he lost OR did you vote for someone who was not the best man whose vote was counted, but he still lost? Does it matter? Is there a difference? You bet there is with what is heading our way. Do what you think is best for you. You are the one that has to live with yourself after election day.