Comment: Romney is not that smart.

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Romney is not that smart.

I suspect, as others, that Gary Johnson is getting better treatment because the MSM thinks he can ensure an Obama victory by taking votes from Romney. This proves the MSM is no smarter than Romney. If they inadvertently create a groundswell of momentum behind Johnson, Johnson could peak on election day and possibly eck out a victory or relegate Romney to a third place finish, which would destroy the Republican establishment. If Johnson is perceived as a real alternative to Romney, he could win much of the country; even if the election were thrown into the House, the ensuing chaos would NOT ensure a Romney victory, as the Congress would rightly see awarding the presidency to the third place finisher could result in a violent overthrow of the government. Likewise, Congress is not likely to choose a president who failed to win the electoral college, for the same reason.

One thing is certain. We will be in uncharted territory, more so than any time since the election of 1800.