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Only Decentralization

Spending your money in your own community, keeps the money in the community. Let me give you an example of the days before great highways, bridges, numerous cars, and TV's

Every Saturday afternoon/evening their were about 200 people milling around on mainstreet. Everybody knew everybody in town.

The town began to die as young people had to leave to find work. There were 11 entries (my relatives) with my last name in the phone book. Now, my mother is the only one left. The money left town with the people, and now, the schools are being operated essentially for young Mexicans.

Now you have to drive 10 miles to spend all your money at Walmart, and the money is not filtered back into the community. It is a lose/lose situation.

In the 50's in my home town. In 2012 in my home town.

5 gas stations 2 Quick Stops
2 grocery stores 1 resturant
4 mechanic shops 1 newspaper office
1 ice house 1 elevator
1 railroad depot 1 auto shop
1 grain elevator 1 nursing home
2 beer joints 1 lumber yard (very small)
1 domino parlor 1 bank
1 dance hall 2 very bad motels
1 lumber yard 1 dairy queen
1 variety store 1 city hall
1 drug store
2 beauty shops
2 barber shops
1 parts store (misc. auto-home etc.)
1 cleaners
1 dentist office
1 hospital with 4 Drs.
1 nursing home
3 resturants
1 movie theater
1 creamery
2 motel
2 schools
1 feed store
1 newspaper
6 churches
2 lodge halls
1 post office
1 telephone office
1 city hall
1 bank
1 dairy queen
2 dairys