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I agree Kat. Perhaps my fault for being

poorly expressed, but that was one of my points. There's no doubt that that woman does not understand - as also enough who are well educated (including Republicans) - the ultimate consequences of the philosophy that resulted in her receiving that free phone, i.e., a big-government, progressive philosophy that's been promulgated by both sides. In fact, I wasn't aware until a comment below that the phone program was actually begun under President Bush. Our current president & those in his administration are aware; the left wing of the Democratic Party is aware; some neocons are aware. But I believe the majority of Americans are not. I have friends in the pro-life movement who were just fine with Santorum, that is, a big-government president so long as he'd be promoting *their* agenda. That's part of the work to be done: educating people as to where it leads. The issue of the public school system and education of children is a second issue, though one I feel just as strongly about. And I do see it as related. Aside from the fact that it's a bad system, in general, (such that, for one, only 6% of our students are considered high achievers in math), it's where progressive brainwashing begins, while providing a poor foundation in the ideals that our country was based on, namely, the Constitution, what SHOULD be precluding the kind of federal welfare system depicted.

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