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Eating boiled crow.

I was out with my wife when I realized my gaffe. Michael, your kind response is appreciated. I will, nonetheless, have the salt with the hat--choke, choke. Had I been much earlier I'd have said with Rosann Rosannadanna, "Never mind". I won't apologize for wasting your energy because I sense a joy in your writing. Your response was kind. Thank you.

I'm not so sure that I agree or understand that the money will be taken from "another family's principal". But that an inflation of the money supply hurts the poor, those with fixed incomes and the middle class--those at the end of the food chain--who will have to scratch and claw, can't be argued. Well, I guess it can, but not by me.

A fire does consume as you describe. I don't believe animals do in their natural state. And I don't think that we as human consumers would be irrational consumers without the Federal Reserve's counterfeiting and the government’s tinkering. Property rights and free market cost would put an end to the irresponsibilities. But, maybe I’m wrong.

Still, I don’t like the way “consumerism” is characterized. It seems to me that those I hear it from most are those who demand more government control to limit excess. There is nothing wrong in my mind with having lots of toys—as long as they are earned. To that end parents have an awesome responsibility as do our country's leaders.