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It Just makes sense

that Iran has a nuclear weapon. I remember with the collapse of the Soviet Union ......weapons and articles of warfare were being sold by Russia left right and center. There was no controll whatsoever. You really think that Iran did not pick up some then?

Also with friends like Russia and China ....... do you not think they would have sold Iran a nuclear weapon by now ...or could and would in the near future?

I have no factual proof of this .....just common sense tells me that this is not only a possibility but a probability.

What we are watcfhing is all theater on the world stage, in order to put the NWO in place. Keeping the masses fearful so that they can controll us worldwide. Remember the Hegelian Dialectic. Thesis v. anthises = synthesis

Today I hear a new one on alternative radio ........Evidently falseflag has a negative meaning today so they changed the words to be CRISIS INTENSIFICATION! Can you believe it? And they refered to the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and the Bay of Tonkin as being examples of CRISIS INTENSIFICATION. Just like torture now being enhanced interrogation.

I always uses the word enhanced as something positive that was I ask you how in hell can we condone enhancing torture? That is how they are programing us, NLP.

What next? It is truly mind boggeling!