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You state: "That does not say much for his character", and then go on to lie about RP and compare GJ to him??? GJ is NOTHING like RP.
In no way. They come to some of the same conclusions but get there differently. VERY different.

bob-45....another confused libtard who gave up on principle, the one thing Paul said never to do..
Please show a link when Paul bashed truthers.
He distanced himself, nothing more. Paul bashes No one. we all know that. Libtard Truthers were painting Paul into a corner and he backed them off in a respectful manner as always. are you a libtard truther? What if Israel set up the US gvt and duhbya??? Then what?
RP has no authority to make a "birther" judgement, he was in the house at the time. RP would never comment on such an issue, its not his place.

You libtards really do not understand the role of gvt do you.

Vote and shill for GJ even though you admit his character and philosophies are FLAWED, and has since come around!!!lololol!
Typical lib
Then you create a post to make other libtards think 3 corporations pulled out of sponsoring the debates BECAUSE GJ was not included in them. That was a blatant lie and no where did the LONE link give an explanation for their ending of support. The all the other cnfused libtards joined you with out 1 explanation of why they dropped out, given.
Even after reading the article you posted all the other libs just merrily jumped on your bandwagon.

These are the same libtards who in 08 tried to link Dennis Kucinich to RP.
GJ is closer to Dennis in philosophy then he is to RP.
GJ and DK are librals, bigger gvt intervention for some things- is ok.
What a JOKE!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016