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I mean liberal spenders.
dennis kucinich and GJ are liberal spenders.
gvt is ok for some things but not for others.
I also call bush and cheney liberals.
snatrum, bachmann, cain, newt... all liberals.
liberals are big spenders/big gvt and have no incling to let the people keep their own money. They all seek our money and mre executive power. GJ is all ready speaking of his executive orders he will give!! Thats a LIB.. Romneys a lib, obama too.
GJ is a liberal and so are most of his supporters.
Ones who were lib dems BEFORE RP woke them up, but now rp is not on the stage and they have become libs again. big gvt for some things is ok..
Humanitarian wars, campaign funding, suing the FEC etc etc..
are all liberal tactics.
GJ is a lib.

but i know what ya mean but no, I think 99% of gvt are libs at heart.
they would all print money for their own special needs. Thats a lib to me.
Progressives are now pro war and pro foreign aid.
There are no demonstrations from progressives, only that they dont think they get their fair share.
civil liberties, gone, not a peep from libs.
wars in lybia and syria, not a peep.
drones and tsa, silence. libs have become the rnc and both parties are one.
only conservatives, real conservatives hold their line that they have for decades. and there arent many. maybe 6 or 7 out of the entire gvt. the rest are libs and so are the GJ supporters.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016