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if I would put all my eggs in that basket. As someone mentioned below, the states where it has been legalized are exporting to states where it has not, and are driving down prices. This is great for the consumer but not so good for the farmer. Especially with all the work and risk that goes into it.

It is MUCH more expensive to do it indoors than outdoors. There is simply no substitute for the sun. With that comes greater risk. Not only of being spotted by the authorities, but spider mites, deer, and a host of other critters can decimate an entire crop within weeks.

Also the typical mistakes of being a beginner and maybe cutting it too early, not flushing out the nutrients properly toward the end of its life cycle, or letting it mold while trying to cure it, can also turn a large investment of time and money into a big green pile of doo doo.

It's not as profitable as it used to be, but it sure would be fun. There aren't many plants that are as beautiful and aromatic as the cannabis plant. (so I'm told....8)

Jim Rogers (the investor) recently said that agriculture was a safe bet in the coming years, so who knows?