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I see.

One can't single you out because you were part of a group and any feedback for you is feedback for the group. And "everyone knows" that any feedback for the group must be wrong because "everyone is a leader".

It's this kind of mental fog that prevents us from winning.
And no that does not excuse Al Gerhart. But frankly, between him and you, with this kind of "everyone is a leader" nonsense, I think OK did well DESPITE both of you and not because of either of you.

So, I must repeat again, at no time did I post one word of criticism regarding the great accomplishments of the OK Ron Paul supporters, my comments were aimed at you individually and specifically.

"Everyone is a leader" means no one is a leader. It's also completely antithetical to libertarianism and objectivism because it is so OBVIOUSLY FALSE.

Libertarianism recognizes INDIVIDUALS. As such, I'm more than certain that you contributed much positive to the outcome, but it does not make you INDIVIDUALLY immune from feedback or constructive criticism.

Your attempts to try to pull political cover over yourself to deflect ANY feedback, even constructive, is obvious and apparent. Your continued assertion of the collective over the individual demonstrates a mental fog, frankly.