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How is writing-in Dr. Paul's name going to BREAK our corrupt two party system we have in this country, especially when the majority of the Ron Paul supporters around this country will never do it?

Do you really think your ‘write-in’ numbers are that big?

Many Paul supporters were very disheartened when he chose NOT to take on Mitt Romney after we had effectively eliminated all the other candidates from the race for him.

Doug Weed eventually let the cat out of the bag (after the race was over), and told us all why that happened (Romney's threat to discredit him.)

We also now know, this effectively happened a couple of months before the Rand Paul defection issue surfaced. His decision to do so, bitterly divided this board.

In fairness to Rand Paul, maybe he knew about the decision NOT to attack Romney, and decided what the heck; why I wasting my time here!

We will never really know for sure what really happened. But one thing is for certain, something more happened than we’ve been told that I can assure you. Human nature tells us this kind of behavior between a father and son during a Presidential run, is NOT normal.

For many, mainly non-Daily Paulers will not be throwing their support to Dr. Paul again, after all that's happened in this campaign. No matter how you want to spin it, this was the most poorly run campaign in recent political times.

Ron Paul has been a great teacher and awakener of the masses. But many do not think he REALLY wanted to be president. So I say let him continue to teach at the universities. Something he is very comfortable with, and which is very positive for this movement.

But it’s time we find a third party candidate, and break this two party system. And then support him as we did Dr. Paul.

The Winds of Change!