Comment: Ron Paul is a conspiracy

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Ron Paul is a conspiracy

Ron Paul is a conspiracy theorist and has said many times that a conspiracy only takes 2 people planning anything....and that conspiracies are happening for good and bad all the time, everywhere you look. Nothing wrong with recognizing that people plet outcomes, some good, some nefarious. It is naive to believe that there isn't human motive in many tragedies that happen around the world.

Take the CIA for example. When you have a rouge organization with an endless blank check who's sole purpose is to conspire secretive missions, and do in fact stir up trouble around the world, it is hard to believe that most any major event or political catastrophe wasn't conspired.

So, people who believe in conspiracies should not be ostracized; rather they ought to be commended for their healthy skepticism. I hope that on this site that we would all recognize and celebrate the 'question authority and the status quo' mentality that pervades our movement.