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While I'm no bleeding heart liberal, I did have a hard time reading comments on the original post. (This post inspired more.) I admit, it did come to mind, "There but for the grace of God go I." I don't know if you saw that funny clip "Patriot Games," with Obama & Romney seeming to want to outdo each other in references to God. Ironically, Ron Paul wasn't known to do that in speeches. On his website he explained he didn't wish to exploit his beliefs for political gain; but he did state them. He said something to the effect that he'd made Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior and that that influenced all the decisions he made. In the debates, it was more than lip service when he said we should try to live by the Golden Rule. That was part of it for me.

But it was much more than just what I viewed as cruel. I, too, saw a whole lot epitomized in that video clip - two issues of major importance to me. First, the dependency that is fostering a socialist state - what's clear by now is part of a global agenda. (Indeed, if I hadn't realized until someone left a comment/link as to how the phone program worked, it's not even a public handout but a "public-private partnership," one of Agenda 21's primary tools for implementation.)

Second, there is the education aspect. However, the education system is SO BAD, it seems there was less a goal to create human droids that government & business could easily control and more a goal to just bring the country down from within so as to be easily taken over. (Did you by any chance see former Congressman Chuck Bowers' documentary "Agenda?"

Thanks for the links. I'm familiar with Rosa Koire. But I'd never read that Agenda 21 summary page. It's great, something good to send around. And I've bookmarked the jbs weekly news commentary. I plan to listen to more. At another time I did look into Gatto. Good for him that he said he couldn't hurt the children anymore and quit. On other threads, I've said that if I had children of elementary school age, if I couldn't afford private school, I'd home-school first. Public school is really bad, especially K-6. I basically agree with him as to problems, though not necessarily his recommendations; but that's a whole other discussion. I do appreciate the time you took to reply with all that info.

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