Comment: What really happened in Oklahoma

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What really happened in Oklahoma

I posted a pretty exhaustive account of how the Oklahoma campaign was conducted and what National faced from some of the grassroots leaders. Here is the link:

And I had no idea that Q was that young and that was her dad.

Regardless there is no way in the world I would have allowed either to embarrass Dr. Paul. I felt bad for Q but as you can see the info out there is so beyond the pale that there just was no nice way to broach the subject. I had met her dad and he is very intense, you can't have a normal conversation with him on some issues. Far better that I just remove them and hope it didn't blow up.

I'm going to let the story speak for itself. I understand that those who don't know me think the account is narcisstic and even I understand that doors open for me that don't open for the average person. Ask Kaye Beach, she will tell you that I am cut from the same cloth as some of the upper C4L leaders that DR. Paul chose to run his organization, that is going to make the average Ron Paul supporter not understand why Dr. Paul picks certain types of people to do certain things. But I'll say this about the man. His decision to surround himself with hard men was what convinced me that he actually had a real shot at winning.

Now, I am covered up in work at my shop, three or four kitchens lined up and customers clamouring for their cabinets so I am working some extreme hours and I have three newspapers for three counties that MUST be out to support constitutional conservatives in the general election. I will check back as often as I can to answer any questions that are posted on the other thread, the new link above. Why, because I'm new here and liked not to found this thread again. All I can say is that I can back up every single word I write.

I do like the tone of the FBI guy, he seems very rational. The goal here should be to learn what happened and clean the problem up before 2012.

I can tell you that muzzling a state coordinator by not allowing him to use social media, meetups, or any sort of online posting is both neccessary and hurtful. Those posts can be dangerous to the campaign but the practice locks leadership away from the volunteers.

I can tell you that having any sort of grassroots campaign along side the official campaign is political suicide.

I can tell you that next time they should spend the money to bring in the state coordinator from out of state and have a hard fast rule that they back them come whatever short of a firing offense.

I can tell you that leading libertarians is an almost impossible task if you are going to protect a candidate and run a professional campaign.

Bottom line, if you respect Dr. Paul you had better take the training and understand why he wanted things done a certain way. And learn to trust his staff or just go off with others and work on your own. There can be only one leader in a political campaign and it was Dr. Paul whether you liked it or not.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back