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Please read the full account

Please read the full account and then comment.

Understand that another thing that Dr. Paul teaches in C4L is that none of us are normal. Normal people don't care about liberty enough to work to change things, the spend their time on their friends and family. Why that matters is that what a normal person thinks and what people like us thinks is usually quite different. Never judge a tactic without stepping outside your shoes and putting yourself in a normal person's shoes. Robo calls is a great example, they are tremendously effective at attacking a bad politician to straighten them out. I initially rejected them till I was proven wrong.

Another thing to understand is that Dr. Paul teaches confrontational politics. GOP officials are politicians too.

A short story on how this works. In 2010 a floor leader named Ken Miller screwed us over on some gold and silver bills, removing the sales tax when bought as an investment or for monetary purposes. And many other bills that were constitutional. So we went after him when he ran for State Treasurer with a campaign called go look it up, it still should be up online.

Fast forward two years later and the same Ken Miller is appointed co chair of the Romney campaign. I called a few legislators till I got his cell number but got to thinking that I could just catch him on opening day at the legislature a few days later. Sure enough I was talking to a couple of representatives and here comes Ken Miller, now our state treasurer. He leans against a door jamb as the person he wanted to speak to had visitors.

I walk up and say hi. The guy is looking for a window to dive out of but settles down and we talk. I asked about him being appointed as the Romney co chair and he goes.. well yeah, gosh don't know how much good it will do him. I say "Ken, don't you know this will rip the scab off what you and I had going back in 2010?

Wwwwhat doooo you mean Al?

Ken, if you stick your head up on this, I've got to take it off and we both know that.

Well, we don't have to be enemies Al.

I know Ken, it is all just good political fun.

Mr. Miller dissappeared after that, we didn't see hide nor hair of the boy for the rest of the campaign. He didn't want thousands of small signs springing up in his neighborhood and across the state.

Politics is ugly, it is brutal, it is a fight to see who rules who, ,that is how Dr. Paul teaches it.

Take the training. Use it or not but understand it.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back