Comment: I am talking about this type of sacrifice

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I am talking about this type of sacrifice

"An especially sore point for anyone who spent untold hours becoming a delegate was the GOP's purge of many duly-elected Paul delegates in the weeks before the national convention. They disqualified them for various reasons, but mainly so they wouldn't be so numerous as to cause a ruckus at the convention, or God forbid, try to nominate Ron Paul for president.

In Tampa, the Maine delegates walked out at one point because the GOP refused to seat half of Paul's delegates from Maine. The state's governor, a Romney supporter, boycotted the convention to express solidarity with the unseated delegates.

So Romney hasn't exactly been "a uniter."

Many Paulians remain in the GOP at various levels, working to inject into the party the principles of civil liberties, free markets, sound money, and a just foreign policy. They have taken over the state GOP in Iowa, Minnesota and Nevada, states where Ron Paul won the lion's share of the delegates to the national convention.

These Paul-inspired activists are energetic, philosophically consistent and mostly young.

If they succeed in reshaping the GOP into Ron Paul's image in the years to come, they will have paid the dismissive GOP leaders — and the pundits — a most deserved comeuppance. "
I spent some time last night looking at Rand, I was not impressed. In her interview with Mike Wallace she appeared somewhat strange. I have never seen someone's eyes dart around in the manner hers did. She even destroyed her "lover" and his work in Objectivity when he no longer wanted to sleep with her. In all reality, I question whether she defected from the Soviet Union, or she was a Soviet plant here in these United States to subvert a certain population. And now you are telling me that Griffin is wrong about sacrifice to engage in the political process. I would rather follow Ron Paul's example of self sacrifice for Liberty than sitting on the couch waiting for everything to turn out OK by default.