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I Agree - But It Does Not Seem Possible

It is an absolute must for a third party campaign to get underway the day after the 2012 election, if not sooner. Although the big boys have the money to do everything in one year, it will take a lot longer to put together a successful campaign by others.

But I do not think that we will see Ron Paul start a 2016 campaign this soon. He does not know if he will ever run again and he will not run against his Son. Also, Ron Paul people are taking over Republican spots. Ron Paul's choice is to take over the Republican Party, not replace it.

Here is one way to make it work out...

If someone like Gary Johnson began to run today for 2016 President, promising that he will hold the position for Ron Paul if he wants it, then there will be time to put together a winning campaign team. Gary should be promised VP because he would have spent the time and money to run for four years - around the clock - full time. And, with a great record as governor, Gary Johnson would make a good VP candidate or Presidential candidate, whichever one works out.

Gene Louis
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