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Share indeed!

I've had a little thing going with the Romney table set up at a farmers market/auction by the county GOP. I print articles like this and leave them with those folks working the table who are grassroots committe people. They try to engage passersby to register to vote and of course try to sell Romney. I walk by and smile, then after they ask if I am registered I smile and politely say "yes, but you won't be happy with me." I then go on to tell them why I still support Dr. Paul. Being your basic republican committee people they of course know very little about their own platform, much less issues, news, etc. For them it's socialism, 'take our country back' nonsense etc. They have nothing positive to say about Romney other than 'he's not Obama'. They also had no clue about anything that took place during the primary or the convention. I end up in very good civil conversations that culminate in them apologizing (lol) and wanting to know more about Dr. Paul and liberty positions in general. A couple of them now actually look forward to my visits and one confided that she now "gets it" and will probably not even vote the presidential race and pay alot more attention to alternative news sources in the future. One at a time friends!