Comment: Break the duopoly stranglehold

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Break the duopoly stranglehold

I'm with Ron Paul's intent in the 3rd-party press conference he had back in 2008 - we've got to kill the repub/dem chokehold on our political process.

I could not support Gary Johnson in so far as believing he's proper for the office of the presidency - he's got too many issues for me there, even though I like a lot about him otherwise.

However, I *could* see myself supporting him - or another third-party candidate - if it was likely to succeed in beating both the democrat and republican nominees and freeing things up a bit (depending on some very important details, of course).

For me, it definitely won't be about Johnson even if I think he'd be better than either of the other knuckleheads. I don't think I can support him at this point unless tides shift severely somehow.

It's a blasted shame Perot torpedoed himself back in
'92 - we might be pretty well off at this point otherwise, his warts aside.