Comment: Same thing in Iowa. . .

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Same thing in Iowa. . .

Liberty Republicans took over the State Central Committee and Chair in Iowa during the Caucus and the Republicans in this state are flying apart.

Go over to and make a pro Ron Paul comment and they will literally froth at the mouth and climb over each other to spew hatred and show their true colors. Even the editors of the site are biased. And this is the site from which the whole foot-in-mouth 'Stench of Romney' quote started with one of its editors..

This is from just yesterday...

"Just like Rick Santorum had to wash the stench of his Arlen Specter endorsement off, this website has to wash the stench of the new Dem trolls off and Ron Paul had to wash the stench of being a crazy old codger off … Some odors are harder to clean than others …"

Even more than a month after the cheating and power-grab politics of the RNC they can't help but continue the gratuitous alienation of Paul Supporters... but they are paying for it. Even there the tone has shifted from outright contempt to explaining why 'Paulbots' as they like to call us will be responsible for 'America burning'. ROFL

Srsly.... If you're looking for a place to mix it up with redneck SoCons and NeoCons... you can have a field day. Just look for fresh articles about Romney... the threads die after a few days.

Here's the most recent Sunday recap from yesterday:

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson