Comment: I saw this coming a year ago.

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I saw this coming a year ago.

I knew that they were sure as hell going to try to cheat us as much as possible, and that if they succeeded they were immediately going to beg and blame us. They think that we're as simple minded and forgetful as the rest of the American public, and in fact they generally think that they're the smartest people on the Earth.

That's why they thought they could get away with cheating us, because they thought they could cheat us and get us to vote for them with their trickery. Little do they seem to realize, though, that they're not nearly as sharp as they think they are, their actions are actually quite straight forward, and we're not nearly as dumb as they think they we are. They're now starting to realize this, which is why they're panicking.

Hopefully come the next election the GOP establishment will start to get the idea why they've now lost two elections in a row. Hopefully they'll make the smart move that will ensure the survival of their party, and let us in, and count our votes, though it seems like they're still thinking they can simply smother the grassroots and call it a day.

Ron Paul 2016