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You're wrong

I don't want to stop these changes. I want them to hurry up. I don't want "science" to find a way to reverse this ghost or goblin. You might think that I hate the environment or want to destroy natural resources for my own profit. You would be wrong.

I don't want to "stop" climate change because I'm afraid of the ignorance of people in this world who will buy into any idea flashed in front of them without a second thought if we should actually do it. Throw meteorite dust into the air? Sounds great lets do it! Who cares about side effects or what it might actually do. Lets fill the air with some microparticles to block out the sun and we will save the world and humanity, because its the right thing to do. Lets flash some soulless celebrities as supporting this asinine project, that will rally support for it. Lets show some poor kid in Africa in a dessert and blame it on climate change.

No thanks, I don't want anything done to stop climate change.

Southern Agrarian