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my opinon

so under Morgan's logic, necrophiles, zoophiles and pedophiles are also born that way, so why people don't recognize the right to marry for this people/kids/animals/dead bodies? Under Morgan's logic, some kids are also programmed to have sex with adults, why not? Are you people a bunch of necrophobics, zoophobics or pedophobics, what's wrong with you, be tolerant!
What's wrong getting $5000 for your freshly dead aunt from a guy falling in love with her while reading the obituaries, why not celebrating a weeding instead a funeral ? Since her boyfriend/husband is "born that way", where's the harm? Like organ donors, women should choose if they want to be refrigerated and become sex toys for the ones beng "born that way".
Homos and lesbos make me sick forcing their abnormal sexual behavior on the rest of us, those people are nothing more then sexual deviants, nothing genetic about them, except maybe some extra sickness and impaired judgment.

Being gay is a choice, a bad one in my opinion, far as I'm concerned people can do whatever they want in their bedroom, but don't force this sickness on the society, especially young kids.

Look at those guys, do they look "programmed" or just a bunch of out of control sexual deviants?