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My letter to Southwest Airlines

...As the airline that got its start by giving customers a choice (assigned seats vs general seating, etc.) I'm surprised to find that SWA is a sponsor of the Presidential Debate Commission, a 501(c)(3) organization that is excluding third-party candidates from the upcoming presidential debates it is sponsoring.

The IRS regulations require that 501(c)(3) organizations act in a NON-partisan manner, yet the Commission is made up of only Republicans and Democrats, and has chosen to include only Republicans and Democrats in the upcoming debates.

As an industry that has been hit very hard by our horrible economy, I would hope that SWA would be open to including a candidate like Gary Johnson in the debates--a man who helped turn around New Mexico's economy during his very successful tenure as Governor. Governor Johnson's name will appear on at least 48 state ballots, giving him the opportunity to earn enough electoral votes to be elected president.

As a company that stands for giving the people what they want, I hope that SWA will insist upon Governor Johnson's inclusion in the debates, or will withdraw your sponsorship.

Very kind regards...

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