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You got it !

They got theirs stolen and now they want to steal ours to be sure they still get theirs to the tune of 120 Trillion. I am all for what Bear said "all for one and one for all"....Its to bad the Boomers will never get on board. All they worry about is getting theirs . Collect Collect Collect, Outsource, Outsource, Outsource, anything for a dollar even if it means their kids and grand kids have to pay for it.
You want to know where the Boomers stand on the issues just look at who is running things right now in Congress and how the Boomers voted in the primaries. Bad will never be bad enough because as long as they get theirs and they stay in control that's all that matters. Reid, Pelosi, Bush Jr. ,Clinton's, Frank, Boehner, Graham,Gingrich, Lieberman, Ramrod etc etc etc...ALL Boomers.....and you CAN NOT get rid of them! They are like a bad disease...
Up next for 2016 Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton...Bank on it ! The Boomers will vote for more disaster as they always do!
What i want to know is when will the Boomers do America a favor and quit going to the polls? Haven't you made a big enough mess of things already ? Satisfied yet ? Probably not. :P
The Boomers were handed the most prosperous nation the world had ever seen from their parents. The Boomers accumulated more wealth than their parents off the outsourcing of their kids and grand kids jobs and look at what they are leaving us ! Nothing! Minimum wage jobs that you have to get a college degree to work and go back to college every four years to keep up with the outsourcing.
Every generation has been better off than the one before.... UNTIL THE BOOMER GENERATION CAME ALONG and ruined it for multiple generations behind them and knowing all of this they still make excuses and stay the course and vote for complete frauds...Unreal!
I know for a fact that they will go down in history as the generation that brought America to its knee's. They are in charge and have been in charge so the current conditions are theirs , they own it!

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams