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Comment: Sorry but you are way off

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Sorry but you are way off

"It does not get rid of the IRS"
On the very first line of the section you quoted, Gary Johnson clearly states "Abolish the Internal Revenue Service"

"Ron Paul knows that there is no need for any such tax"
The sales tax? Ron Paul wasn't even going to touch the sales tax. And they both want the income tax to be ZERO PERCENT.

"Gary Johnston is Empowering the federal government with supporting such a tax. Don't be fooled"
... So if the government can currently tax us with:

Sales Tax
Income tax
Alternative minimum tax
Corporate income taxes
Capital gains taxes
Payroll taxes (including Social Security and Medicare taxes)
Gift taxes
Estate taxes

... but now can only tax us with:

Sales Tax

... I'm pretty sure that's the exact opposite of "empowering" them.