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Nice chastisement... to an assumption that I somehow believe that all science taught in school is "wrong". Far from it. I believe, and rightly so...that "science" and its observable data has, on so many fronts, been controlled and therefore should remain suspect...for the foreseeable future.

That 'science" has been "correct" in so many things, does not lend all other "scientific" postulations any credence matter from whence they emanate. After all, mutual inclusivity is hardly a scientific law is it? This, even if all postulations were to emanate from say...MIT. All "science" stands on its own merits, and carries its own contra-indications or doubts...all on a case by case basis and all with the responsibility of independently reproducible proof. But starting from Nuh-uh usually ends in Nuh-uh.

"Science" per se, does not speak in absolutes...until such a time as absolutes are ascertained...and even then, great caution should be applied in over-reaching and locked-down assumptive-ness especially in applying the word "Law" to findings.

As to cool concepts...see my other posts. As to turning over every box waiting for poop to fall on the are free to proceed in that manner and you'll excuse my eyes rolling...

I have simply experienced far too many moments in my life wherein my assumptions had to be discarded in the presence of subsequent data. On this thread, I'd simply like to wait for the data before worrying about what might end up on my shoes...though I may admittedly need to hold my breath at some point...only time will tell.

I will say, that I wondered, at the time, how in God's name Iran was able to seemingly snatch that thing out of the sky...intact...and without the military being able to do a damn thing about it. Hacked the signal? Really? I mean hacked a military encrypted signal and hijacked the MIC's latest and greatest tech....really? I mean...just think about the ramifications of that alone.

My thought was that there was, once again, more to the story than we were being told.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?