Comment: I am trying to find out, - what training.

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I am trying to find out, - what training.

The C4L basically disappeared in 2010 from my area. The last training I received was at the 09 Valley Forge C4L conference.

I am speculating that states where the main delegate strategy was performed, there was contact with C4L coordinators in those states during the campaign.

It it were the same in our area, there would have been some folks that probably wouldn't feel there was qualityy leadership in the C4L coordinator(s) due to the past years perfromance of the individuals.

This could be a moral hit right off that bat.

I backed out of the C4L as far as paid memebership due to the performance of the coordinators in my area. They represent the organization and if there is not a decent work ethic there, what is suppposed to inspire others to join in and believe.

I'm looking to solve so we can learn how to perform better. Those that aren't leaders need to believe in the leadership.