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I understand it's a tough decision...

You definitely don't want to vote for Romney because you know he's a terrible candidate. But at least in my view you ALSO don't want to vote for Obama, because while it might send a message to the GOP, it's kinda cutting off your nose to spite your face - Obama's policies conflict with Ron Paul's just as much as Romney's.

After alot of soul searching, I'm voting for Gary Johnson for a few reasons:
1) Back in the debates, he was *clearly* the second best candidate behind Dr. Paul, and that has to be my primary reason for voting for someone - they are a good candidate. Your milage may vary on that one - I know many Paul fans don't like all Johnson has to offer, but I thought he was good.
2) I can keep my promise never to vote for Romney
3) If we get enough people to vote for Gary Johnson it might cause enough of a stir in the GOP that they stop trying to force candidates down our throats and actually let the nomination process work itself through. That might help Rand in 2016. And with any luck it might get some of the loser GOP elites fired since they have failed two elections in a row now!