Comment: Here's another more in depth presentation by Mr. Keshe

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Here's another more in depth presentation by Mr. Keshe

it's close to 2hours done I believe earlier this year where he tries to explain his technology given limitations he was subjected to at the time. I believe this also may be the presentation or something similar which is what prompted the Obama presidential decree against Iran & Syria in April 2012.

I've read the Axis of Evil Article (third Link) a few times and watched a few videos on how to generate energy using magnets & copper coil. From what I understand, the general idea is that voltage results when waving a magnet surrounded by copper coil or waving copper coil next to a magnet... The magnet(s) can be set just right to facilitate perpetual motion which generates voltage. Of course the concept is quite interesting whereas it forces one to wonder, why have we been paying for electricity all of this time? I've even done my own experiment with magnets and do understand the magnetic attraction part of the concept.

Here are some youtube videos I found demonstrating the concept of magnetic energy generation...

This is just basics involving use of magnets for energy which of course has been suppressed in mainstream electric industry because the energy cabal want us to have to either use something that sucks up gas or have to plug something into the wall which is metered so we can pay for the use of energy... The only seemingly reasonable excuse I could think of is that running one of these types of magnetic generators ourselves could be somehow dangerous and the concept of plugging stuff into a socket or operating a gas powered machine in a more controlled environment may be safer?

I've personally only gotten so far as to see myself how just the magnets alone interact with each other without any of the other stuff. I haven't ventured any further than that. Also, I am not an engineer, so it's a bit more difficult to grasp the rest of what Keshe talks about and I am still at a loss of understanding the concept of plasma and how that works into this. I have seen a "don't try this at home" demonstration on how to generate plasma with the use of a microwave, match, bottle cap, and styrofoam, and glass vase, being a potentially very dangerous explosive task if things go wrong, but not sure how it works into combining with the magnets to generate electricity? So I am still, to say the least, slightly confused but am also convinced Keshe seems to be definitely onto something, if anything...

As far as this technology being Ahmadinejad's secret? So now Iran's threat is don't push them or they'll turn off America's military industrial complex toys? Well, so far we haven't seen war with Iran when it seems this would have happened awhile back given the propaganda and animosity we are seeing between the politicians. And, also I found it quite amusing to see Nutt-n-yahoo's cartoon bomb presentation - what a joke. I suppose he's been reduced to making an a$$ of himself. And Syria which many are saying is the stepping stone to getting to Iran? Well, those Al Quaeda rebels keep shooting but no heavy artillary and have so far still not been able to take over the Assad gov't. Is there maybe a failure to communicate over there, as the Keshe technology threatens? Not sure but it seems there are definitely signs that everyone is at least waking up to what's really going on whether or not the Keshe technology is workable.

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