Comment: Love is a beautiful word.

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Love is a beautiful word.

Look, I do not know MaxK, but someone told me to read Rand yesterday, so I looked her up on youTube. I was not impressed by the Atlas Shrugged quote or by Rand’s statements. I may be missing the big picture, but I figure before I read an author I would like to know a little bit about what they espouse.

In my opinion, perfection is found in the message of Jesus Christ: Love your neighbor as yourself. Everyone is my neighbor. I need to treat my neighbor as I would treat myself. To me the reality of a message is shown in the practical application of the message. If I love someone, I will not hurt them. If I love someone, I may even sacrifice myself for them. If I love someone, I will place their needs before mine because the measure of treatment is the treatment of myself. Love is not dependent upon return but is a virtue in itself. As far as I can tell, Ayn Rand’s message is in direct opposition to the message of Christ.

According to wiki, Selfishness is placing concern with oneself or one's own interests above the well-being or interests of others.

In my opinion it is the art of selfishness that the Legal Criminals practice as they steal the wealth of others for their own “egotistical needs.” It is the absence of love that allows humankind to turn on his neighbor for his own benefit. What would happen if we all practiced love instead of selfishness? There would be no need for selfishness if love was practiced.

Love is a beautiful word and is a beautiful action. I am not so sure about the beauty of selfishness...I may not understand the intent of the teaching of selfishness though.