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Vote Sam Adams

I just sent this message to Anheuser Busch through their websites:

A funny thought I had, Anheuser Busch requires you to tell them your favorite beer so of course I answered Samuel Adams (because it is one of my favorites and also because of the Revolutionary spirit of the better of the Adams family!) I doubt there would be time to get everyone to participate, but I think of the impact it would have if everyone sent a message through their site, and followed it up by choosing Samuel Adams as your favorite beer. A cyber beer party if you will. Maybe I should have stopped at two....

"I will no longer drink AB products and encourage others I know to do the same because of AB's policy to support strictly bipartisan politics. Your beer is a bit watered down for my taste as well. The ethical thing for AB to do would be to drop sponsorship of the Commission on Presidential Debates unless they allow Gary Johnson to participate. Why AB would agree to sponsor such an exclusionary body is beyond my comprehension. Have a nice day."