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If we don't refuse techology

Then why can't we grow hemp??

Energy is how I learned of the liberty movement. Looking in to claims of free energy machines being suppressed. There are lots of people/corps. saying they have tech for free energy. They will not post any info online due to either one of two things. They are either scammers or they are afraid of people coming to there house, stealing there work, burning down there labs, or getting killed. There are LOTS of stories about this kind of stuff but rarely gets talked about because it's such a fridge topic. Just so you don't think I'm a bonehead on the matter, I am an electronic electrician with a state of Wisconsin journeyman card. I fix and install CNC controlled machinery.

As of the last year I see that people are coming really close to disclosure of their projects. Plasma tech looks promising. As does non back emf motors.

Energy is being controlled just like everything else in this country. If I can make a free energy device then I can make a lot of money. I will have understanding the machines that accomplish these thing. The power brokers know that this is one of the ultimate freedoms and we know they don't want that!