Comment: The other side of the coin

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The other side of the coin

Thank you for taking the time to read my answer and for your kind reply. I do think self-sacrifice to the point of one's demise, must be sought out to whether it is the will of God. Certainly there have been many who have laid down their lives for a cause and great rewards were reaped for that cause. One must know and be sure of the calling on one’s life.

I think of Ron and Carol Paul who could have been home enjoying the fruit of their labor and instead invested countless hours for the cause of Liberty without due compensation. Think of the millions given to Obama and Romney and how hard Dr. Paul had to work on a pittance from his humble followers. He cast his earthly reward to the wind and sought something greater than money. He sought Liberty on behalf of the American people to be rewarded with lying, cheating, and stealing, and yet he continues to speak on behalf of Liberty and to pursue the Federal Reserve. I wonder, how many times did he have to pass on being bought off? That is the kind of selflessness I hope to practice, and yet it is hard to love anyone else as much as I love myself.

Certainly you have heard of the sacrifice of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. Many of them lost everything as they pledged their lives and their fortunes. Some of their families wondered and starved to death during the war. Many lost all of their earthly goods. I think we know very little about sacrifice as we live in affluence that most of the world knows nothing of. I know nothing of need. I have never been hungry. I really know nothing of sacrifice, so perhaps I live out Ayn Rand’s philosophy more than I live that of Christ’s who I call Lord.