Comment: my "chime in" is . .

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my "chime in" is . .

The God of the Bible is pretty logical, IMO, form what I read in the Bible.
My arguments are:

Get away from the binary discussion that hannitty and oreilly love.
that is -
Either you HATE and want to kill anyone opposing Israel
You hate and want to kill Israel
Those are NOT the only two choices for rational humans.
I can see Israel as an ally without supporting her IF she is warmongering. I can choose NOT to have my kids die for her in wars.

Here's a HUGE logic flaw that these people dont see.
The God of the Bible is infaluable and hung the universe in place in an intricate balance of gravity, distance, etc., very possibly through some sort of evolution.
He levels kingdom after kingdom with a flick of his finger
by golly he REALLY NEEDS the GOP and the US to actively help and sacrifice for Israel.

God had a promise with Abraham
Abraham's descendents hated and despised God's son.
Christ made pronouncements against the Jewish leaders of his time that would make the GOP and neocons crucify Christ TODAY.
you seriously think the Jewish leadership of Christ's time was MORE corrupt than the one their now?? REALLY?? ahahahahahah!!! thats funny!

I worship Christ.
I follow Christ.
Christ said, "you shall know them by their fruits"
I look at the fruit of the US and Israel against poor people. nuff said.
Have her google and watch the youtube video "occupation".
google rachel corrie video and have her watch that.

Lastly, only spend a little time on this.
If after seeing some other information on this she still is not opening her mind, then she's not looking to learn anything.
she'd probably kill part of her family if they cursed Israel. She should move there!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson