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Know Them....

More's the pity if Al (and yes he is infamous enough in our state to be known as simply that) believed any of his own post. Truth is he doesn't. He has spun every event and situation to what he perceives to be his political advantage and to what he perceives paints him in the best light. No doubt he'd tell you that he learned how to do that through C4L training. Who knows. Perhaps he's what happens when a sociopath adopts their methods?

Since they evidently taught him everything he knows about "the true nature of politics" you would have thought that the national campaign would have seen through his spin from the beginning. Demonizing everyone who stands in his way, friend or foe..... FYI every name in his post is a local hero for liberty. Working behind the scenes to divide his opponents ....which he very quickly decided were the Ron Paul supporters who showed any kind of integrity or individual motivation. Good cop, bad cop..... pitting grassroots against each other and pitting us all against the campaign. And on and on ad nauseum. Why didn't they see through him? There were certainly enough trusted, long time activist voices out there ringing the alarm bell. Who knows... perhaps the student surpassed the teachers. In any event, the campaign chose one man's ruthless ego over hundreds of true liberty fighters and abandoned an entire state full of talent and support.

If you really want to know what happened here in Oklahoma, the Biblical call to "Know them by their fruits" is in order. As is so often the case, unless you lived it, this is the only way to discern any sort of truth in this particular "he said, she said" situation.

On one side you have a lonely, bitter man who confuses fear with respect and who is basically a social and political pariah in Oklahoma. He stands for nothing, but winning at all costs. ...sanctimoniously taking pride in his willingness to publicly humiliate and destroy anyone and everyone who refuses to stroke his ego. He openly mocks libertarians and only became part of the Paul campaign so that he could use for his own gains the political clout and manpower of what he considered a mindless pack of wild dogs. He knew we were his last chance at any real power regarding Oklahoma politics. These are his words and with a little effort you can read that disdain for our movement and well as his personal agenda in his post. If he wasn't so hated, no doubt he would be pitied.

On the other side you have a very large, very organized group of well connected, successful people who have bonded like family over a political philosophy that we are quite willing to live or die by. We went in 100% behind Ron Paul and more importantly behind the Ron Paul message. Any one of us can call on another for help personally or politically and are dedicated to each other far exceeding the bonds of politics. We are in the process of becoming the Republican Party. We are the Revolution. We are Ron Paul. WE are the future.

You decide.