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Comment: I totally believe you that it was Dr. Paul who ran the campaign

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I totally believe you that it was Dr. Paul who ran the campaign

The only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07 and getting with Dr. Paul's program. I've been grassroots for three decades and Dr. paul's campaign has been the best fight ever. It was a cake walk by comparison to what we went through with Nader fighting to open debates and ballots (many Libertarians joined Nader just to open debates and ballots for more voices and choices.. all we ever won was law a collection of multible law suits in multible states).

I see there is another post on your account that you responded, that has a video of you that is no longer in play, and you apparently impressed many people who saw that video.

My Dad always told me, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." I guess Dr. Paul would agree. Thank you for everything you did for Dr. Paul. We are winning, not as fast as some would like, and maybe not the way others would like, but I am seeing results in the GOP despite Romney and I'm very pleased.