Comment: 9/11 is absolutely not an inside job

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9/11 is absolutely not an inside job

In the sense that the "government" did it. Who is the "government?" It's millions of people, millions of people that don't know anything about 9/11 other than the lies they've been told.

When a postal worker goes nuts and murders dozens of people, is that an inside job of the post office? Of course not! It's the act of a criminal, whom happens to be employed by the post office.

9/11 is the same, it's the act of a few criminals that worked in the government, but was mostly committed by foreigners.

"Inside Job" is a self-discrediting descriptor, no different from "truther," "birther," "bircher," etc. So stop using it!

9/11 is a crime and there are certainly some criminals that worked for the government that participated in it. But that doesn't make it a "government inside job."

When someone doesn't know much about 9/11 and you tell them it's an "inside job" you have automatically discredited anything else you say.