Comment: Ok so Ron Paul's name

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Ok so Ron Paul's name

Will be counted in 10 states so for let's go for 13
We need to start calling tweeting and blogging everywhere to get this thing going.
If Ron Paul can win enuf states this way he can still end up president.
We can even cause a deadlock.
Vote Johnson in all the states Paul is not a write-in
Vote Obama in states it looks like Romney will win
Vote Romney in states it looks like Obama is going to win
Split the electorate up into 4 sections and cause a run off election between the 2 out of 4'
Have debates including Paul because now that Ron Paul is a serious contender as a write in.
We must get him polling at least 25 percent.
If Gary Johnson wins his case then we must co join and push for Paul to debate as well.
We must do every thing that can be tried this election 2012.
Why? Because the next time in 2016 we will be battle tested.
I have an idea about occupy the debate.
We get 10,000+ supporters to go out and protest with Ron Paul signs at the debates chanting let Ron Paul speak.
We must not let the Ron Paul rev. Die .
If Ron Paul is a write in anywhere then he must be able to speak at the debates.
We must not give in we have nothing left to loose.
Just the name Ron Paul scares the shit out of the elite.
We must have fun like Ron Paul said and make these guys squirm.
This doesn't have to end with Tampa or Maine.
We must occupy the debate anybody in?