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Comment: I Don't Agree

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I Don't Agree

I gave an example of Truthers, not as evidense, but as an example to explain that Ron Paul has his own message about 911, and since it is his campaign, he needed to control his message, not allow it to be taken by those who have a different perspective.. not for HIS campaign. They can make their own campaign (GJ LOL).

The Ron Paul, Rand, Benton, Tate, and Gerhart bashing and blaming is being done by those who didn't want to do Ron Paul's presidential campaign Ron Paul's way.

I've been rewarded for doing it Ron Paul's way. Not by having Ron Paul as the nominee, though that would have been nice, we didn't have enough people as CREDENTIALED delegates.. too many thought THEY HAD A BETTER WAY.. TOO many didn't join the GOP, didn't even try to become delegates but, as Richard Gilbert said, "This is a Mutany", or those who refused to do it Ron Paul's way in HOPES he would fail, and here they are, with their "I told you so" and pounding about the GOP, Romney, Rand, Benton, Tate, Hunter and anyone who stands for them. Not budging me one bit. I KNOW THE TRUTH about the campaign and them.

It's not over. For them maybe. It never really bagan. If this is their victory, it will be very short and unlitmately very dissappointing, as GJ will return to the GOP, and the write-in idea will FAIL. They have NOTHING... I'm here watching them do it their way.. and their way is not winning anything..

But those who did it Ron paul's way, joined the GOP, became delegates, took committee seats.. we're in this for the long haul, and I expect those who doubted us to continue doubting.. that's who and what they are, and what they've got.

meanwhile, WE ARE WINNING, and we will win, Liberty for all of us.