Comment: Hmm... debatable.

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Hmm... debatable.

"TED: Are Droids Taking Our Jobs? (They are...but we ain't seen nothin' yet.)"

Hmm... debatable. Maybe we are given this impression by the lenses thru which we regard biased economies in which the laws of free markets have been violated for long already, and hence, where the balance between man's inventivity and productivity has also been insidiously biased, sometimes where we'd expect it the least.

Granted, and don't get me wrong, though, I am ALL for innovation and relieving man from menial tasks : and truly, great advances have been performed in the domain of algorithms and learning systems geared towards problem solving. But, IMO, we're still a long way to go before notions such as "creativity" and/or "design intent" can be claimed acquired by machines in any objectively measurable fashion.

I believe human intelligence intervention, at any point, soon or late, is still largely irreplaceable, even, and especially, in the matter of optimization vs. brute force approaches.

More specifically :

WHO is, STILL, responsible for devising and measuring the algorithms' strength criteria, along with the HARDNESS of the problems at hands to solve, in the first place ? (let alone : WHO decides that there are even problems to solve...)

Answer : man, precisely. Also, Turing machines / Turing complete executable notations still come only AFTER man's intent, as far as I know, and are the object of very passionate debates re: their expression power, usability, scalability, soundness, etc.

That said, Michael, you may find this pretty inspiring, too, btw :

"Start with the WHY, not the WHAT --
How Great Leaders Inspire Action" :

Another brilliant talk not to miss, IMO !

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