Comment: Thank you for educating me

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Thank you for educating me

So now I would have to ask.. is he going to committee meetings? Is he participating in his GOP? What are the GOP rules in GA?

I've learned a few things.. some committees get paid, they are so corrupt, they don't have open meetings... man, if that was mine.. I'd be exposing and fighting for open meetings.

I've learned how NV stopped the loyalty oaths nonsense, and that is something Ron Paul republicans in CA, and other state can work on. So what's going on in GA?

There is work to be done, even if you are not on a committee.. there are things you can do.. to be running away, or driving around in circles, planning to vote for a red herring or default for Obama.. and to say four more years of Obama is better? He's lost his mind to say Obama is better. Romney who has to deal with Ron Paul Republicans, which includes him, so why isn't he in and fighting?

Too many here had no faith in Ron Paul or Ron Paul Republicans, never joined us and keep pushing doubt and their own agenda.

TMOT is going on about Ron Paul.. tell that man it's NOT ABOUT Ron Paul.. it's the message, and that message is RESTORE THE REPUBLIC/ REPUBLICANS PARTY with Ron Paul RepubliCANs. Obama ain't it, and not by default. You can write in Ron Paul and no one will even bother to look, until January. Don't forget, Mickey Mouse gets more write-ins than anyone and he's never qualified. Why put Ron Paul with Mickey Mouse in the name of Liberty and Freedom?