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Comment: One of the big themes in the

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One of the big themes in the

One of the big themes in the forums is that write-ins are not counted or reported. If that is the case, what good will it do to write Dr Paul's name in? I ask because I am still torn over the issue. I would prefer to write Dr Paul in, but if it wont even register as a blip on the public radar, wouldn't it be better to vote GJ?

I wrote in paul last time around. That had mostly to do with the fact Bob Barr sucks. Gary is a decent candidate. I'm throwin my vote his way this time around. I want a third party option, and I feel supporting the libertarian party candidate is worth more than writing in RP. I figure the Republican party, and the pundits are smart enough to figure out that a good chunk of the votes for GJ would've gone to Paul if the Republican Party had run him rather than Romney.

The protest message is the same, and it helps out the libertarian movement.