Comment: Fellow smoker here...

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Fellow smoker here...

Fellow smoker here...

I can't congratulate you for starting the smoking ... that'd be really hypocrite. I still think it's a really, really bad idea if you turn out being addicted at some point... Guess why I'm sighing. Bad idea turned out to be a stupid one if you ask me.

But I sure can congratulate you for your LIBERTY MIND to do whatever pleases you, hell, yeah ! Your choice how to harm or kill yourself. It will kill your lungs. Others have TV and FOX "News" to kill their brains... and their own freedoms. Our pick in the end, indeed !

Now you gonna have to think and figure out how NOT to disturb NOR HARM all the non smokers around. That'll be an outdoor thing, anyway. And it ain't so easy, these days... I still enjoy it much under the moonlight in my backyard, with a good liquor glass, though :)

If you're like me, you gonna end up moving like a cat in some places where kids and parents can show up out of the blue ! Oh, and the obsession of spotting quick enough the signs which forbid, too...

Oh well. Good luck.

Consider to quit ... while "you can".

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius