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Comment: Couple other things to think about

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Couple other things to think about

My Dad had a friend when I was still in highschool that smoked. He was about 45 at the time. My Dad always ragged his ass about smoking. Anyway, my Dad's friend went on a hunting trip into canada and the private plane they were on crashed and he was killed. So, for sure that is one case where the guy enjoyed smoking and it had nothing to do with his death.

Next up is my situation. I used to smoke occasionally when I was in highschool and college but it was rare. But I did drink A LOT. I was a heavy drinker until 3 years ago when I just decided one day that I was done with it. Nothing bad happened to me, I always held a full time job and I was never mean to my wife and daughter. I was 45 years old and I was just burned out on booze. Now, I've never bought into the whole habitual drinking is a disease I didn't have to attend AA or go into treatment, rather, I just stopped buying booze and I stopped drinking it. It was pretty tough to break that habit...especially the first 90 days.

After my first month of not drinking I decided to start smoking to give me something to do. I used to ALWAYS have a beer or a drink in my hand and it wasn't so much me craving alcohol that was so was the fact that drinking had become such a habit there was a huge void that I needed to fill. Smoking did the trick for me. I did not drink for 3 years and I now smoke about 8 - 10 cigarettes a day.

About 6 months ago I was at a company dinner(new job)and I had grown so tired of telling people that I don't drink and having to go into the whole story and then have everyone treat me with kid gloves like if they drank in front of me I would freak out and go on a bender...that I just said to hell with it...and drank 2 beers.

It didn't cause me any problems at all. I didn't even get a buzz from them. Since then if I am in a situation where someone buys me a beer or I'm at a party or whatever...I will just nurse a beer. The habit has been broken. But I still enjoy smoking. I smoke for several reasons. I get bored. I enjoy it. I eat much less since I started smoking, and it calms my nerves.

I have a sister that is over 300lbs and has all the medical problems that go along with being huge. I used to be baffled when she would give me a hard time about smoking when she is clearly addicted to food and is in much worse health than I am. I've honestly never felt better in my life. I typically eat fresh foods and I don't take any scripts (other than an occasional pill for recreational purposes only) but no blood pressure, cholestrol, anti-depressants, etc

I think it's pretty well established that getting hooked on prescription meds is worse for you than smoking. And like Jeff said in his article...I'm only going to be around for another 25 years or so and if I lose a couple years due to smoking....thats a trade off I'm willing to make. I might stop one day but I have no intentions of doing that anytime soon.

I also tend to think that anything the government tells me is the exact opposite of what is true. They hate smoking so much right now they must have found out that smoking counteracts all the poisons they are feeding us and putting in our water. Whatever, I love meeting people when I go outside at resturates and smoke or when I'm with a crowd us smokers all have something in common and it helps me be more social. Those are important to me. I'm glad I'm free to smoke.