Comment: $1 tax + $2 investment = $3 revenue. If so, tax could stop.

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$1 tax + $2 investment = $3 revenue. If so, tax could stop.

He offers his summary finding that for every current $1 of tax received, he found $2 revenue from investment. He suggests current income streams from investment could cover the cost of running government as is. He feels government is in areas way beyond providing service to taxpayers. Those endeavors should not be governments business. Close the divide: budget vs CAFR. Audit the book; tell the public.

He is calling for individual tax payers to return to our rightful oversight positions. Stop blind faith in man's governing. Budgets are currently used for propaganda. The CAFR is used to manage accounts. Audit the books. Audit the CAFR.

Jerry Day runs a media company near Hollywood. His popular video work includes:

  • Ron Paul.
  • The media caught cheating about Ron Paul popularity.
  • Smart meter: illegal search, & spying.
  • Recently, this Public Budget vs Consolidated Financial Report (CAFR)

He is trying valiantly to tell "We the People" we must watch over the books. Reduce governmental overruns (over taxing; over reaching). We must take oversight upon ourselves.

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