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It's a travesty - the whole system run amok

Thanks for your comment, bear. Aside from people here (and at the original post) whom I simply can't relate to for such crude comments about that woman,(and I'm not saying it isn't my fault for how this was written, but) my intent wasn't to *defend* the woman by *blaming* anything. Rather, I just found that clip to be so pathetic and also so revealing. Whether by conscious design from the start - and it's likely! (see my exchange w/Danton) - or simply taking advantage of the downward spiral, YES: keep them dumb (through the current education system) and dependent (through the current welfare system)... and we'll (Obama-progressives-socialists) keep their vote. And well, okay, so here we are, and there are plenty more just like her. What are we going to DO about it? As I mentioned to someone below, there are three choices: support them; let them starve; or see that they're educated so they can support themselves.

After I read your comment, I thought that a perfect LINK to this post would be the Griffin interview. I went back so as to get the link for you but saw that you'd also seen it. I'll put it here anyway should someone else see this. This quote more or less covers the whole of what you said. "I think the great bulk of the people who are turning to government for salvation, for benefits, for leadership and all that sort of thing still have it somehow in the back of their minds that these political and financial leaders are looking out for their best interest, that large group of people, whatever size that group may be." To be sure, not just that ignorant woman but ALL OF US are just viewed as *assets* by the *predators* in control.

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